AMD, 2023년 프로세서 모델 번호 공개

AMD has released a new naming scheme for its processors. The new system will apply to chips from Athlons all the way up to 9. The system will make it easier to understand how powerful a given chip is directly from its name. The change seems, interestingly, to be the opposite of Qualcomm’s direction.

AMD reveals new naming scheme for its 2023 processors

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나사, 소행성 충돌 테스트 사진 공개

NASA intentionally crashed its Double Asteroid Redirection Test spacecraft into an asteroid. The collision created a plume of dust and debris that astronomers call ejecta. Follow-up observations show the dust is being pushed away from the asteroid by the solar wind. The tail is at least 10,000 kilometers (6,000 miles) long.

러시아 "미국과 국제우주정거장 프로젝트 협업 연장 가능성 높아"

Russia is in talks to continue its participation in the International Space Station beyond 2024. Roscosmos head Yuri Borisov announced earlier this summer that Russia would withdraw from the station program by mid-decade. The ISS is operated in collaboration between the US, Russia, Canada, Japan and Europe.

게토레이, 땀 성분 분석하는 스마트 물병 공개

Gatorade has designed a smart water bottle that can monitor hydration levels. The Smart Gx Bottle has LEDs that run around the cap to help you monitor your hydration. The bottle can also be used to track your post-workout recovery. The company is also selling pods that can be mixed with water to help replenish electrolytes and carbohydrates.

블리자드 "오버워치2 서버 대량 디도스 공격 당해"

Blizzard says its servers are under a "mass DDoS attack" following launch of the game. Players have reported unexpected server errors and difficulties joining games. Some players claim to be experiencing queues of up to 40,000 other players. Blizzard boss Mike Ybarra had earlier thanked players for their patience and pledged to "get [them] into the fun"