Cloudflare, 인텔 대신 AMD CPU 선택

Cloudflare will continue using AMD's Epyc server processors instead of Intel's Ice Lake Xeon for its next generation of servers. The company tested Intel’s Ice Lake processors against the latest AMD EpyC chips and found that the power consumption was just too high.

AMD Beats Intel in Powering a Massive Internet Network

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바이두, 우한과 충칭서 완전 무인 택시 운영한다

Baidu has secured permits to offer a fully driverless commercial robotaxi service in Chongqing and Wuhan. The company scored a permit to provide driverless ride-hailing services in Beijing last month. The new permits will allow B aidu to launch its service in both cities.

SNK, 23년 만에 격투 게임 '페이탈 퓨리' 후속작 만든다

SNK has confirmed a new Fatal Fury game is in the works. The first Fatal Fury was released in 1991. The company claims it will be a "new turning point" in the fighting game genre. The teaser trailer reveals nothing about the gameplay, plot or release date.

구글, 특허 침해 문제로 소노스에 재차 소송

Google and Sonos have been at loggerheads over wireless speaker tech patents for a while now. The two new lawsuits filed Monday center around various patents involving keywords and charging. Google will ask the U.S. International Trade Commission to impose a ban on the import of any products found infringing the above-mentioned patents.

미 재무부, 믹서 업체 '토네이도 캐시' 제재... 북한 돈세탁 막는다

Tornado Cash allegedly helped launder more than $7 billion in stolen crypto funds. North Korea's state-sponsored Lazarus Group is believed to have funneled $455 million through the mixer. Officials said the mixer played a role in other large-scale thefts, including the Harmony Bridge heist from June.