Dr. Squatch가 틱톡을 통해 Z세대 남성에게 다가간 방법

Dr. Squatch has spent $3.6 million to run ads on TikTok in the first eight months of 2021, a key part of the brand's effort to boost sales, which exceeded $100 million last year. The brand has worked to carve out an identity on platforms where younger men are more likely to spend time, especially on their mobile devices.

How Dr. Squatch reaches Gen Z men with offbeat humor on TikTok


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The Meta platform has asked a federal court to block the Federal Trade Commission's attempt to impose new sanctions for alleged privacy violations, decrying a legal battle that has reopened years of accusations against the big tech company. The FTC said in a statement last month that Meta violated privacy rules it agreed to in 2019. Meta has been under investigation by the FTC since 2012 over the privacy of its users. The company settled with the FTC in 2019, paying a $5 billion ($6.665 billion) penalty and agreeing to strengthen its privacy practices. The settlement was finalized in 2020. However, the FTC said Meta violated the rules again and should be held accountable.

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Foldable phones have been around for a few years, but their high prices have kept consumers away. Smartphone manufacturers have also been reluctant to enter this market, but this summer is expected to bring a seismic shift in the foldable phone market. Motorola and Google are entering the foldable phone market, which has been dominated by Samsung. In particular, Motorola's new Razr, which boasts a large cover screen, is about to be released.

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