Jasper, 요리 전용 로봇 개발

Jasper is a cooking automation startup that runs robotic kitchens in residential high-rises. The company has raised $3.5 million from backers, including Toyota Ventures. CEO Gunnar Froh says the company is trying to improve the way we eat every day. Jasper is part of this year’s Battlefield 200 at Disrupt 2022 in San Francisco.

Jasper's robots assemble fresh meals for nearby apartment dwellers


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아마존, 소매 부문 전용 클라우드 서비스 출시

Amazon.com Inc on Tuesday announced software drawing on its retail expertise in an effort to boost sales to businesses and remain the largest cloud-computing provider ahead of Microsoft Corp and Alphabet Inc's Google. Taking lessons learned over years of delivering online orders to shoppers' doorsteps, Amazon's cloud division unveiled a service called AWS Supply Chain to alert businesses when inventories are low and help them address supply issues that were chronic during the pandemic.

일론 머스크 vs 애플, 진짜 목적은 공화당 끌어들이기?

Over the past week, Twitter owner Elon Musk has been poking Apple, the big bear of Silicon Valley, which controls app distribution to every iPhone. Musk has been taking aim at the iPhone maker over a number of topics, including its reduced spending on Twitter advertising and its 30% cut of all digital sales made through apps. He also accused Apple of threatening to pull the Twitter app from the App Store.

온라인 안전 법안, 빅테크는 과연 유해 콘텐츠 제거가 가능할까?

Online Safety Bill would have forced social media companies to take down harmful material. Critics said it posed a risk to free speech and was watered down to pass quickly. Culture Secretary Michelle Donelan insists the bill is not being watered down for children. She says adult social media users will have more control over what they see.

'사이버먼데이', 역대 최대 매출 15조원 기록

Cyber Monday saw $11.3 billion in sales, up 5.8% from last year. The day is typically the biggest of the long weekend. Cyber Week will reach $35.27 billion, up 4% over last year and 16.7% of all sales.