NASA “중국, 달 영토 선점 주장" 달 영유권 전쟁

Nasa administrator Bill Nelson warns China could claim to "own" the moon's resource-rich areas. The US needs to "watch out" that China does not gain a foothold on the moon, he said. The next two years could determine which country achieves an advantage, he added.

‘We’re in a space race’: Nasa sounds alarm at Chinese designs on moon

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코인베이스, 네덜란드서 360만 달러 벌금... '등록 규정 위반'

Dutch central bank fines crypto exchange $3.6 million for serving local customers without approval. The fine is for "very serious" breaches of Dutch crypto registration procedures. The company, which is registered with the DNB, says it is being punished for co-operating. The DNB says it's justified by the gravity and scale of the violation.

미국 인터넷 뉴스매체 버즈피드, ‘챗GPT’ 개발사 오픈AI와 콘텐츠 개발

BuzzFeed will use artificial intelligence to create content for its audience. The news sent the company's stock up more than 150% in trading Thursday. The company will work with ChatGPT creator OpenAI to create quizzes and help with brainstorming. The technology will not be used to write news stories, a spokesperson says.

머스크의 트윗에서 시작되는 '테슬라' 성장 둔화

Tesla's fourth quarter results fell short of expectations. The company lowered expectations for its fourth quarter revenue growth. Tesla stock jumped 10% on Thursday. Since peaking in November 2021, Tesla stock has lost 62% of its value. The electric-vehicle maker was expected to post a nearly 40% increase in sales.

글로벌 패션 브랜드의 메타버스 활용법

Fashion schools have been quick to adapt to these developments. At Parsons School of Design, Metaverse learning experiences are part of the core curriculum during junior year. Students learn traditional skills of garment-making and 3D modeling digitally. There's even a Metaverse Fashion Week with brands like Trotro, Dundas and Dolce & Gabbana.