TSMC, 일본 공장 건설에 1조 9000억 원 추가 투자

Taiwan's largest chipmaker TSMC says it will spend $1.6 billion more to expand its chip plant in Japan. The $7 billion plants will increase monthly production to 55,000 wafers from 45,000. Auto supplier Denso will invest $350 million in the plant, taking a 10% stake.

TSMC to expand new Japan chip factory, Denso takes stake


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WeWork founder Adam Neumann launched a startup to sell carbon credits on the blockchain, Flowcarbon, which has raised $70 million...

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Nvidia beat analyst expectations for sales and earnings, but the stock dropped more than 10% in extended trading at one point. The chipmaker gave a light forecast for the current quarter. CEO Jensen Huang said that the company was facing a “challenging macro environment”

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Microsoft and Meta extend their AI partnership. Meta will use Microsoft's Azure cloud to accelerate its AI research and development. Microsoft also announced a new Arm-based dev kit running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform. Microsoft's OpenAI service is now available in preview for preview.