AWS 마케팅 및 글로벌 서비스 책임자 '맷 가먼', "2024년 클라우드 시장은..."

Matt Garman, book director of marketing and services at Amazon Web Services, is optimistic about AWS partners' use of "generative AI," the AWS Marketplace, and artificial intelligence to drive "cloud adoption" in 2024. "In 2024, generative AI will accelerate customer adoption of the cloud," Garman told CRN. "We're still in the early stages of cloud adoption and growth, and there's a lot more potential ahead of us than behind us," he said. "We are in the early stages of cloud adoption and growth, and there is potential behind and ahead of us. The company also plans to continue to roll out new generative AI (GenAI) solutions in 2023 and the following year.

아마존웹서비스의 마케팅 및 서비스 책이자인 맷 가먼은 AWS 파트너의 '제너레이티브 AI', 'AWS 마켓플레이스', 2024년 인공지능을 통한 '클라우드 도입' 촉진에 대해 낙관적으로 전망했다. 가먼은 CRN과의 인터뷰에서 "2024년에는 제너레이티브 AI가 고객들의 클라우드 전환을 가속화할 것"이라며, "우리는 아직 클라우드 도입과 성장의 초기 단계에 있으며, 우리 뒤보다는 우리 앞에 훨씬 더 많은 잠재력이 있다" 고 2024년의 클라우드 시장에 주요 이슈를 꼽았다. 또한, 2023과 내년에도 새로운 생성형 AI(GenAI) 솔루션을 계속 출시할 계획이라고 말했다.

AWS Global Services Head Talks GenAI In 2024, Marketplace And ‘Critical’ Partner Strategy

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On the 24th, a unique live broadcast on the YouTube platform attracted the attention of numerous viewers. Elon Musk appeared on the broadcast and seemed to endorse investing in cryptocurrencies, but it was actually a deepfake created using AI technology, not the real Elon Musk.

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American semiconductor giant Broadcom is reportedly developing an advanced AI processor for Chinese tech giant ByteDance.

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Electric car manufacturer Rivian is working on a significant overhaul of its production process to achieve its first profit. This includes eliminating over 100 steps from the battery manufacturing process, removing 52 pieces of equipment from the body shop, and redesigning more than 500 components in the major SUVs and pickups.

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Nvidia has lost more than $550 billion in market capitalization since briefly becoming the world's most valuable company last week.