B2C 스타트업의 적절한 시장 진출 시기는?

The toughest questions most entrepreneurs face will involve international expansion. Success could mean the creation of a global multimillion-dollar business, but failure can often be fatal to a startup’s long-term viability. With the right research and strategy combined with knowledge of the most common pitfalls, founders can mitigate a lot of risk and give their startup the best chance to succeed.

When should your B2C startup enter a new market?


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팀 쿡 애플 CEO, 애플 강남에 '뉴진스 마케팅' 예고

Apple has enlisted K-pop girl band NewJeans to woo users in South Korea — the home ground of arch-rival Samsung Electronics Co. — as the world’s most valuable company bets on a post-Covid global rebound in spending. The iPhone maker is opening its fifth store in the center of Seoul’s posh Gangnam district, with local media reporting plans to open a sixth this year. Seoul would then have more Apple Stores than in iPhone-loving Tokyo.

샘 알트만 오픈AI 최고경영자 서울 온다

2023년 5월과 6월, OpenAI의 최고경영자(CEO) 샘 알트만이 세계 투어를 통해 인공지능(AI) 사용자, 개발자 및 관심 있는 사람들과 만날 예정이다. 알트만은 최근 트위터를 통해 이 소식을 전하고 AI에 대한 피드백, 기능 요청 및 의견을 공유할 수 있는 기회를 제공할 것임을 밝혔다.

애플, 인도 태블릿 시장에서 전년 동기 135.1%의 성장률로 삼성 추월

A new analytical report this morning covers India's PC and Tablet Markets for Q4 2022 with Apple being the leader in tablets with a whopping 135.1% Year-over-Year growth. Apple's market share in 2021 was 13.7% and in 2022 it leaped to 34.7%. Apple's surge in Q4 2022 replaced Samsung as the tablet leader in India a year ago.

비디오 게임 최대 규모 E3 2023, 개최 두 달 앞두고 '취소'

E3, the video game industry’s biggest annual expo, has been cancelled. The show had been due to make a return after years of Covid-19 disruption this June in Los Angeles, but in a joint statement, the US’s Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and events company Reedpop announced it would no longer be going ahead.