FTC(연방거래위원회), 데이터 보안 및 감시 기술 규제 강화 나서

The FTC is asking the public to comment on commercial surveillance and data gathering practices. Officials want to understand the harms and benefits of technologies and gauge interest in rules that could require stricter safeguards. New rules could include tougher encryption and bans on deceptive security claims. The FTC will host a virtual public forum on September 8th to hear from the public.

FTC kicks off efforts to regulate data security and surveillance tech | Engadget


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오라클, 사우디아라비아 15억 달러 투자... 수도 리야드에 데이터센터 오픈

Oracle plans to invest $1.5 billion in Saudi Arabia in the coming years as it builds up its cloud footprint in the kingdom and opens its third public cloud region in Riyadh, a company official said.

델, PC 판매 급감으로 6,600명 감원

Dell Technologies facing plummeting demand for personal computers, will eliminate about 6,650 jobs, becoming the latest technology company to announce it will let thousands of employees go. The company is experiencing market conditions that “continue to erode with an uncertain future,” Co-Chief Operating Officer Jeff Clarke wrote in a memo viewed by Bloomberg. The reductions amount to about 5% of Dell’s global workforce, according to a company spokesperson.

인터폴, 메타버스 파고든 사이버 범죄 대응 방안 찾는다

Interpol secretary general Jurgen Stock says the global police agency is investigating how the organisation could police crime in the metaverse. The metaverse is the widely-discussed, but not yet realised, concept that in the future people will be represented by 3D avatars in their online lives. Interpol has built its own virtual reality (VR) space, where users can do training and attend virtual meetings.

비트코인, 주목받는 '2월 랠리' 재개설

After the impressive rally in January, Bitcoin seems to be taking a breather in February. This is a positive sign because vertical rallies are rarely sustainable. A minor dip could shake out the nervous longs and provide an opportunity for long-term investors to add to their positions.