The two updates were clearly born in 2020’s norm-shattering pandemic, with a heavy emphasis on FaceTime features to a better system for corralling notifications into “work” and “personal” buckets. The feature list at WWDC and on Apple's website wears remote-first influences firmly.

iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 preview: a first look at Apple’s latest software

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월마트, 멤버십에 스트리밍 서비스 추가 검토

art is looking to add a large video streaming service to its Walmart+ membership program. The retailer is in talks with executives at Walt Disney, Comcast, and Paramount Global. The move comes as the retailer ramps up its competition with and other streaming video providers.

소프트뱅크, 기술주 급락에 '30조원 적자'

Global tech investor SoftBank reported a record quarterly loss of more than $23 billion Monday after an investment spree that Chief Executive Masayoshi Son described as delirious turned sour. The results for the three months through June brought a mea culpa from Mr. Son, who sprayed unprecedented levels of funding on startups across the world over the past half-decade, particularly just as prices crested last year.

왓츠앱, 온라인 상태 숨기는 기능 생긴다

WhatsApp has added a new "online presence control" feature. It lets you send messages while appearing to be offline. The feature will roll out to all users across desktop and mobile later this month. The aim is to eventually make WhatsApp "as private and secure as face-to-face conversations"

한국, 인앱 결제 규칙 위반 가능성에 대해 애플과 구글 조사

South Korea's communication watchdog will investigate Apple and Google over potential violations of the country's in-app payment rule. The agency is also investigating SK Group's homegrown app store called ONE Store. The watchdog said it had looked into the practices of all three app stores since May 17 and determined that they might have breached the country’s telecommunication act.