NFT 열풍 "실제로 중요합니까?"

The NFT market is still defying reason, but then again that's kind of its thing, as investors continue to drop billions upon billions of dollars on NFTs. The market has also been a hot topic for the past month as investors dumped $100 million into CrypToadz.

Does the NFT craze actually matter?

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美 암호화폐 거래소 FTX, 주식 거래 기능 출시로 영역 확장

FTX is launching stock trading capabilities for its customers through its U.S. division. The company, helmed by billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, says its launch will start in private beta mode for a select group of customers. The full rollout will begin in late 2022, FTX says.

캐나다, 화웨이·ZTE 금지 및 통신업체에 5G 및 4G 장비 철수 지시

Canada has banned Huawei and ZTE from its telco networks. The move follows the steps of its Five Eyes partners Australia and the US. The government cited the interconnectedness of 5G networks as a reason for the ban. It also cited the threat of malicious actors exploiting 5G technology.

일론 머스크, 성추행 혐의 "사실 아니다" 부인

SpaceX founder Elon Musk said in a tweet late Thursday that “wild accusations” against him are not true. He did not explain what those accusations were. SpaceX paid $250,000 in severance to a flight attendant to settle an allegation that the aerospace company’s founder Elon Musk engaged in sexual misconduct against her, Business Insider reported. Musk told Insider there was “a lot more to this story” as he asked the publication for more time to respond to the article’s claims, according to the outlet.

테슬라, 모하비 사막에 세계 최대 전기차 충전소 건설 중

Tesla has started to build a new Supercharger station in the Mojave Desert between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The station will likely become the largest in the world. The automaker is growing its Supercharging network at a 35% year-over-year pace.