SNK, 23년 만에 격투 게임 '페이탈 퓨리' 후속작 만든다

SNK has confirmed a new Fatal Fury game is in the works. The first Fatal Fury was released in 1991. The company claims it will be a "new turning point" in the fighting game genre. The teaser trailer reveals nothing about the gameplay, plot or release date.

SNK is making its first new Fatal Fury game in 23 years | Engadget

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조 바이든, "러시아와 중국 등 개인 데이터 대량 판매를 제한할 것"

President Joe Biden is expected to issue an executive order aimed at restricting the bulk sale of Americans' personal data to "countries of concern," including Russia and China.

HP 로레즈 CEO, "AI PC 도입은 점진적으로 이루어질 것"

"The adoption of AI PCs will be incremental," HP CEO Enrique Lorez told journalists and analysts on a call today, "Next week in Las Vegas, we will bring together HP's leading resellers from around the world to share news about additions to our portfolio of products and solutions."

팀 쿡, "애플, 생성 인공지능에 막대한 투자한다"

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced at the company's annual shareholder meeting that the company is investing heavily in generative AI. This is one of the strongest signals yet that the iPhone maker is joining the generative AI craze sweeping the tech industry.

마크 저커버그, 기시다 후미오 일본 총리와 'AI' 기술 현황 논의

Mark Zuckerberg discussed artificial intelligence (AI) with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida during his ongoing Asia tour, as the company strives to gain an edge in the AI space. According to Japanese government spokesperson Hayashi Yoshimasa, Zuckerberg and Kishida discussed the state of AI technology advancements and the risks associated with generative AI.