SNK, 23년 만에 격투 게임 '페이탈 퓨리' 후속작 만든다

SNK has confirmed a new Fatal Fury game is in the works. The first Fatal Fury was released in 1991. The company claims it will be a "new turning point" in the fighting game genre. The teaser trailer reveals nothing about the gameplay, plot or release date.

SNK is making its first new Fatal Fury game in 23 years | Engadget

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Google demoed its new chatbot search tool at an event in France on Wednesday. The move comes a day after Microsoft unveiled its own chatbot aimed at eroding Google's dominance. The dueling announcements show how the battle over AI has become the central obsession of the tech industry.

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ChatGPT will launch in November of 2022. ChatG PT is a live chat app that uses artificial intelligence to help customers with their questions via live chat. The app is designed to be used in marketing and sales to help people get answers to their questions in real time.

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Meta found tens of thousands of software developers in China, Russia and other ‘high-risk’ countries may have had access to detailed Facebook user data. The company clamped down on that access beginning in 2014. Sens. Mark Warner and Marco Rubio, the chair and vice-chair of the Senate committee, want answers from Meta.

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Digital marketing has become an efficient practice for growing and established businesses to promote their products and services. Growing businesses must familiarize themselves with ‘what is digital marketing,’ various forms of digital communication, and stay updated on the current marketing trends to stay competitive. Here’s a look at a few trends that one must watch out for.