UPS, 코로나19로 인한 데이터 급증... 구글 클라우드와 업무 협업 확장

United Parcel Service is set to announce an expansion of its 2019 deal with Google Cloud. UPS will receive increased network, storage and compute capacity as part of the expansion. The companies declined to comment on the size of the cloud capacity increase or the value of the deal.

UPS Expands Deal With Google Cloud to Prepare for Surge in Data

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머스크, "X(구 트위터) 새 사용자에게 연간 수수료 부과"

Elon Musk has announced that new users of X, formerly known as Twitter, will now have to pay a small annual fee to tweet.

인공지능 투자, 두 가지 양상으로 나타나

According to a recent report from Stanford's Human Centered Artificial Intelligence Institute (HAI), AI investments have declined for the second year in a row.

홍콩, 비트코인 및 이더리움 현물 ETF 승인

After falling by almost 10% over the weekend amid Israel-Iran tension, market chaos, and persistent inflation, Bitcoin reb

유튜브, 광고 차단 앱 통한 모바일 동영상 시청 제한

YouTube announced today, that it has introduced a new ad blocking enforcement policy that affects users who use third-party ad blocking apps.