Z세대가 유선 헤드폰 사용과 에어팟 튜닝하는 이유

According to Gen Z, it's a $30 pair of wired headphones, so why are "It" girls like Lily Rose Depp and the Olsen twins ditching wireless earbuds and opting instead to plug into their devices? According to Shelby Hull, the 24-year-old creator of the Instagram account @wireditgirls, "Wired is an attitude"

Why Gen Z is plugging in wired headphones and tuning out AirPods


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팀 쿡 애플 CEO, 애플 강남에 '뉴진스 마케팅' 예고

Apple has enlisted K-pop girl band NewJeans to woo users in South Korea — the home ground of arch-rival Samsung Electronics Co. — as the world’s most valuable company bets on a post-Covid global rebound in spending. The iPhone maker is opening its fifth store in the center of Seoul’s posh Gangnam district, with local media reporting plans to open a sixth this year. Seoul would then have more Apple Stores than in iPhone-loving Tokyo.

샘 알트만 오픈AI 최고경영자 서울 온다

2023년 5월과 6월, OpenAI의 최고경영자(CEO) 샘 알트만이 세계 투어를 통해 인공지능(AI) 사용자, 개발자 및 관심 있는 사람들과 만날 예정이다. 알트만은 최근 트위터를 통해 이 소식을 전하고 AI에 대한 피드백, 기능 요청 및 의견을 공유할 수 있는 기회를 제공할 것임을 밝혔다.

애플, 인도 태블릿 시장에서 전년 동기 135.1%의 성장률로 삼성 추월

A new analytical report this morning covers India's PC and Tablet Markets for Q4 2022 with Apple being the leader in tablets with a whopping 135.1% Year-over-Year growth. Apple's market share in 2021 was 13.7% and in 2022 it leaped to 34.7%. Apple's surge in Q4 2022 replaced Samsung as the tablet leader in India a year ago.

비디오 게임 최대 규모 E3 2023, 개최 두 달 앞두고 '취소'

E3, the video game industry’s biggest annual expo, has been cancelled. The show had been due to make a return after years of Covid-19 disruption this June in Los Angeles, but in a joint statement, the US’s Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and events company Reedpop announced it would no longer be going ahead.