MZ세대 대표 투자앱 '로빈후드', 2분기 실적 부진에 23% 감원

Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev said Tuesday in a press release that the company will reduce its headcount by approximately 23%. The company also dropped its earnings report for the second quarter, which showed a decline in monthly active users and assets under custody.

Robinhood cutting about 23% of jobs, releases second quarter earnings

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마이크로소프트, UAE 국영 AI 기업에 2조원 투자... 중국과의 인공지능 경쟁 우위 확보

US tech giant Microsoft has agreed to invest $1.5 billion in a state-owned AI company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in a bid to compete with China in the artificial intelligence space.

트루스 소셜, 'TV 스트리밍' 출시 발표에도 주가는 14% 급락

True Social, the social networking service (SNS) founded by former President Donald Trump, closed down more than 14% in trading hours after announcing that it will expand its reach to include a TV streaming platform.

구글 직원들, 이스라엘과의 협업 반대 시위 농성... 갈등 심화

Google employees have staged a protest against the company's work with the Israeli government. The protesters demanded that Google withdraw from a $1.2 billion contract with Amazon to provide cloud services and data centers to the Israeli government.

새로운 아이폰 16 프로 디자인 유출, '보조 버튼'이 하나 더?

New information has leaked about the design of the iPhone 16 Pro. According to the leaked information, the iPhone 16 Pro is expected to change the design of the power and camera buttons.